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Rated Five Stars

Human body showing the nervous system and connected body parts.



Until you do, you can't move forward.

We store all our life experiences, thoughts and emotions, good, bad and toxic, in our Body's Energy Grid.

Your grid consists of your brain, spinal cord and autonomic nervous system, which connects to all your organs.


Your brain sends electrical signals through your grid, allowing you to move, think, feel and thrive!

Any disruption or imbalance in the flow of these energy signals, leads to dis-ease and illness.

Toxic energies are  flow disruptors .

Your heart, in particular, stores intensely painful memories, which if left unattended, becomes toxic.

This toxicity will continue to throw your life into chaos, until you find the courage to release it. It's painful, deeply painful. But, it must be done.

Bodygrid Therapy will help you.

Five star rated service.

Common Sources Of









Obese person.



Person experiencing grief.

Parents & siblings

Marriage & friends

Grief & separation

Generational trauma

Weight & obesity

Physical injury

Pain & fatigue

Post-surgery issues

Poor self image

Low libido

Rejection in love & life

Erectile dysfunction

Anxiety & stress

Trauma & brain fog


Childhood trauma

Bodygrid Therapy works alongside traditional medicine to promote deep relaxation and to hardwire new thoughts and emotions, that will positively impact on dis-ease and symptoms in various areas, including: stress, anxiety, sport injury, brain fog, insomnia, OCD, depression, pain, PTSD, hormonal imbalance, fatigue, trauma, grief, ED, sciatica, immune-dysfunction, high blood pressure, diabetes, dementia and post-surgery healing.

   Bodygrid Therapy heals the whole body.  

Love is the most intense of human emotions, and consequently,  the heart more than any other organ, typically finds itself centre stage when it comes to our most painful experiences. Applying my expertise as a life coach alongside the power of energy therapy, I have helped many clients to release toxic heart energy.

We've made it possible for them to start again. So, you are not alone, no matter how vulnerable it makes you feel.

A photograph of Frank Teixeira.
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  • Time is TBD
    Online Webinar
    • Learn how Energy Therapy works • Discover how it helps your body to heal itself • Learn powerful breathing techniques • Activate your "rest & digest" nervous system

I deliver informative webinars on a regular basis. RSVP above to receive regular updates.

OR, just book a free-15-minute telephone consultation.

Photograph of Daniel. A happy customer.

Daniel, United Kingdom
Deputy Head Teacher

The very next day I felt the benefits. My energy was off the charts and I felt light, joyful, creative and brave - connected to the world and to myself.

Photograph of Sandy. A happy customer.

Sandy, South Africa

I felt at ease as Frank opened my mind and took my energy to a new level. Highly recommend. Frank is professional and speaks from his heart.

Photograph of Terry. A happy customer.

Terry, United Kingdom
League Hockey Player

As a hockey player, I struggle with pain, stiffness and muscle fatigue. Bodygrid Therapy removes toxic energy and speeds up my recovery time.

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