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While performing the healing session on me, I noticed that she went to the bathroom every few minutes to wash her hands. “What’s the matter?” I asked. She replied, “I have never met anyone with so much energy in their head, and so little in the heart. Because of the work I’m doing with you, my hands heat up tremendously and I need to cool them off.”

Frank’s first thought was “oh, please.” Understanding how he might interpret this, she offered, “Next time it happens you can feel for yourself.” A few minutes later she said “I’m going to put my hand on you but I’m warning you it’s going to feel hot.”

When I say to you “I nearly jumped off the table” I’m not kidding. It felt like she took a hot iron and pressed it to my skin. I got the fright of my life. My mind couldn’t wrap itself around this and make a logical story out of it. I just had to accept that there was this energy and something had happened. She also said “Within a few days you are going to become very emotional.”

Lo and behold, three days later it washed over me.... read more


My personal journey with Energy Therapy has been beautifully captured by my friend Loraine Magda in her book The Law Of Balance. You can read Chapter 9 below, or better still, order a copy of this gem on Amazon to further your own journey to self.

At the time, to protect my identity, it was decided that I would be referred to as Paulo. Today, I am proud to share my personal story with the world. Energy Therapy, at the time delivered in the form of a Reiki Session, changed my life. I have since qualified as a Reiki Practitioner and further developed my passion for energy work, manifest in what is today known as Bodygrid Therapy. A collaboration of the things I truly love in my life.

Paulo Story
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